Dallas, Tx

HALL Arts is not just real estate, it's a work of art

HALL Group is a privately held commercial Real Estate Investment group founded and managed by Craig Hall, which operates more than 6 business entities, including the Arts, Winery, Residential, Finance, Real Estate Development, Oil and Gas, and Hall Parks.

The challenge

The HALL Group Marketing team was at a crossroads with the old development team in California that currently built past websites in a unique CMS that was hard to manage internally.  Further, the large California web team was not local, highly expensive, and when they sought a local resource, development and design quality were sacrificed.

The most pressing concern was a redesign and new development for the HALL Arts website.  The marketing team wanted a custom site with a modern and clean design that they could manage themselves internally, as well as a site that achieved all the new user experience, visual design, and functionality aspects they were seeking.

Web Design & DevelopmentCreative & Technical Direction

Our solution

We built a site with a modern aesthetic look where the visual design and user experience were on point with the brand.

User experience

We helped the HALL team come up with a vastly improved navigation menu and site that flowed better and kept the user experience and the user journey top of mind throughout.

The results

Our team was able to deliver a world-class site on time and well under budget and garnered the confidence of the Hall Group marketing team enough so for them to make the executive decision to turn over all future web-related efforts and initiatives across all 6 of their real estate brands to us. In 2019 the decision was made to redesign all of the brand’s other entities using our visual design and UX expertise, and most importantly, getting the sites into a custom WordPress platform environment since the custom backend built for Hall Arts was so user-friendly and intuitive.